Apartment Balcony Design Ideas

A small balcony is a great place to hide away and relax from all the noise, tensions, confusions, and from the busy life. The balcony has the potential to refuge from the rest of the house, a place where you can start your day and end your day.

If you’re like many people who long for more balcony space, take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone then there are a numerous ways to design your balcony according to your style.

When you are living in rentals in GA with a tiny space for balcony, you would probably look at how you can transform the tiny space into a wonderful one!! A good combination of plants, comfortable seating, and a solid design is all it takes!


Plants are the key for an amazing outdoor space. Not only do plants add an element of privacy, but they also bring a sense of color and depth to space. Sometimes just a few carefully selected plants can make a big statement. A single beautiful tree can transform the bare space into a great one. Just like the power of the intricate, there is power in the monochromatic too! If you have a narrow balcony, you can have small rosy blooms on either side of the balcony and hanging lanterns of the same color.

Comfortable Seating is the key

Apartments in Stockbridge have a space to make up balcony on your style. If you put up, plants in the corner area or along the sides, you are still left with a lot of space in the center to make your comfortable seating options. All you need is sometime to design and truly sit back and relax enjoying the view and the greenery around!

There are multiple options that you could try.

You can have a bench and handcrafted plywood or bamboo fencing that gives your balcony an artistic look.

If your patio has more room, you might be able to fit a small table and chairs for outdoor dining. In fact, even a small table and chair set can give you plenty of rooms to enjoy a glass of wine and some tasty snacks with friends and family on an evening.

If all you want is a quiet and relaxing place to take in the view with a friend or your loved one, resist the urge to clutter your space with more colorful things. A couple of modern white chairs make a big statement, mirroring the interior’s white decor.

Designing Space

How much ever you spend for decorating your balcony, if you do not design it properly and efficiently, everything is messed up!! Plan the layout of features such as seating and plants, and strategically incorporate appropriate color to create the vibe you are after.

Paying special attention to the design, a style you’re trying to achieve truly pays off. Look into magazines, search the Internet for designs that you have in mind.

After having read the tips and ideas to create an awesome balcony space by incorporating your design, now it’s your turn to get it into the reality in your Stockbridge GA apartments.

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